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Life At Charles Tyrwhitt​​


At Charles Tyrwhitt (pronounced "Tirrit") we endeavour to produce the finest menswear, with timeless style and no compromise on quality. Our company purpose is to ‘Make it Easy for Men to Dress Well’ and we bring this to life every day by providing exemplary customer service, with smashing prices and a pinch of British charm thrown in for good measure.

Sounds good doesn’t it? But, none of this could be possible without the shapers, makers and creators; the gurus, geniuses and dreamers behind our marvellous brand. Our people (known fondly as the Tyrwhitteers) are a diverse, passionate and entrepreneurial bunch. We enjoy a fun, engaging and rewarding culture, where everyone is able to be their best and bring their whole selves to work everyday.

If you think that together we’d be the perfect fit and you want to work hard, learn, deliver great results and grow your career, there will be few places better than Charles Tyrwhitt

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I am absolutely delighted that you are thinking about joining the team because this really is a fantastic place to work in so many ways.

The first is the people in the business – not just smart, because that is a given in any good company – more than that… they are great people: thoughtful, action-orientated, passionate about the company and wanting to make a difference. And, dare I say it - nice people you’d want to go and have a drink with after work or take time to chat to by the water cooler.

The second thing is the quality of our products - we make great clothes, amazingly good clothes. We don’t apologise for being obsessed with the finer details because we believe that little things done well, make a big difference.

The third thing is that we genuinely care about our customers and put them at the heart of everything we do - we seek to understand our customer and endeavour to always meet their needs.

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At Charles Tyrwhitt, “work” doesn’t just mean helping men to dress well – it means working hard to help others, particularly those less fortunate than ourselves. Our pioneering partnership with youth charity The Prince’s Trust, is not about writing a cheque each year. It is central to our philosophy and our modus operandi, that we contribute our time and expertise, to help disadvantaged young people reach their full potential.

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Since starting this business three decades ago , I have only ever wanted to help men to dress well and to sleep well at night. Doing things “properly” has always been important to me.

It’s not enough for this business to thrive, it has to do so responsibly. To be a business that matters, that has integrity, and does the right thing. It is about making products properly and sustainably, making our business work for our employees, suppliers, and customers, and above all making sure we care passionately about the impact we have on our planet, so that our planet can look after us.

Doing things properly applies equally to our product, our people and our planet. We must never forget that we can only build our business one person at a time. Doing things properly is something I’ve cared about deeply about since the beginning.

As I get older and perhaps even a little wiser, we are now doubly committed to this philosophy for the next 35 and beyond. I am very excited to find out what we can achieve together.​

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Owner & Founder




If you're interested in becoming a Tyrwhitteer but can't find your perfect role, then we'd still love to hear from you!

To discuss our vacancies, our recruitment process or anything else, please contact us using the details below.

A member of our friendly recruitment team will get back to you as soon as they can!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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