Life At Charles Tyrwhitt

When it comes to our people, we really do “Give a shirt”. We want colleagues to love working for CT and for it to feel like a place where they can be, and want to be, at their best. Our culture is inclusive, diverse and welcoming.

Here you can expect to work with some of the most talented people in the industry. It’s fair to say that we love working here and we’re confident that you will too! But don’t just take it from us, watch the videos below and hear from our Tyrwhitteers themselves about Life at CT!


  • Louis - UK Retail

  • Lewis - Regional Manager
    Lewis - Regional Manager

    "I joined Charles Tyrwhitt 7 years ago, as a Sales Assistant, on what was supposed to be a gap year! Fast forward 65 odd months and I’m an Area Manager, South West overseeing a number of stores including our Bicester Flagship. Previously I held management roles at both Jermyn Street and Canary Wharf.

    Charles Tyrwhitt has an unbeatable culture and despite growing sales at a rate of knots, manages to maintain the feel of a family run business. Nick Wheeler, the founder, not only manages to remember most (if not all) of our names, but even takes the time to write personal birthday cards throughout the year… a nice touch!

    Let’s not forgot about the amazing quality of the product. We take Jermyn Street style to the world and make it easy for men to dress well at a great price.

    With all the above being said, the fundamental element of this business that inspires me day in day out is the belief in developing its people. It’s this culture of learning, that has made developing others a pivotal part of any business plan that I now compose.

    No personal career goal or objective is unachievable here, as long as you’re willing to match your ambition with commitment. #GrowthMatters"

  • Alice - Product Design

  • Rebecca - Retail Operations Coordinator
    Rebecca - Retail Operations Coordinator

    "​I left university in the Summer of 2017 with a nice shiny degree and not a clue what to do with it. Initially I picked up a Stockroom Assistant role in The White Company in Marlow. The Store Manager is married to our CT Store Manager, Jon (the Nick & Chrissy of Marlow some say!) and it wasn’t long before he pulled me into the CT world and set up an interview with Lewis Felix, who was the Area Manager at the time. I was offered a Supervisor role in Bicester Village and my CT journey started in February 2018. A few steep learning curves later I was promoted to Assistant Manager in September where I stayed for 12 months. Bicester is another level of retailing, and I will always be grateful for the lessons I learned here, both personally and professionally.

    I then moved to our Birmingham store as Assistant Manager in August 2019 after the opportunity to relocate arose. A much smaller team and completely different customer type than Bicester presented a new set of challenges (in a much prettier store!) and I continued to grow and develop, all under an incredibly supportive manager who constantly encouraged me to keep pushing myself to improve. Fast forwarding through the pandemic and various lockdowns, I decided I was ready for something new. In January 2022 I started my current role of Retail Operations and Communications Coordinator based in our London Bridge Head Office. In this role I am utilising all the skills I have picked up in my time with CT so far and learning so much more in a familiar and friendly environment.

     While continued personal and professional development has been great, is it the CT culture that keeps me coming back every Monday morning. A company that feels like an overgrown family, with some of the most supportive people I have had the pleasure to work with, isn’t something most companies can offer. I am so excited to continue working for CT in this post-pandemic chapter, where we will go from surviving to thriving."

  • Abby & Kate - US Marketing

  • Imogen - Recruitment Coordinator
    Imogen - Recruitment Coordinator

    ​I joined CT in March 2016 as a very ambitious Assistant Manager with an appetite to learn, and I couldn’t have picked a better company to grow in. I was inducted very smoothly and began my career at Regent Street, moving on to the newly built White City store, and then to Stratford.

    As an Assistant Manager at CT, I’ve been able to dabble in lots of areas of the business, and it was here that I realised my passion for recruitment. My managers have been incredibly supportive, and so began to put my name forward to take part in leading some recruitment projects alongside other managers.

    When the opportunity arose to apply for a role in recruitment, I felt like I was in a great position because of the experience that I had gained within CT. I started my current role of Recruitment Coordinator in March 2022 based in our London Bridge Head Office. It’s a very different role to the positions that I have held at CT, and I’m keen to see how my contributions in Talent Acquisition make a difference.

    CT is a vibrant and rewarding company filled with people who challenge themselves to succeed, whilst having a truly amazing bunch of people to work together with. Great ideas from anyone at any level is celebrated at CT, and I couldn’t be more proud!

  • Colin - Customer Services

  • Natalia - Returns Team Leader
    Natalia - Returns Team Leader

    "I was looking for a job, but not just any job. I was searching for a company where I could grow and challenge myself, a company which reward people for a job well done and CT is a perfect place to do just that.

    I started at CT as a Returns Operative. This role required plenty of attention to detail and helped me develop my decision making skills. After a few months I was already training new colleagues.

    Sometime later I became a Senior Returns Operative before progressing again to Returns Team Leader. CT definitely recognises the potential of their staff and gives the opportunity to further their skills.

    The people at CT are very friendly and supportive; you always have someone to count on when you need them. I love that CT follow their values in anything they do, it makes you feel like you are a part of something larger and that makes a difference. Everybody cares about what they do, even the small things, and working beside such great people gives you the opportunity to learn and see things from a completely different perspective.

    Becoming a team leader gave me a huge boost in confidence. I felt like my hard work has been recognised and rewarded. I love that I have a freedom to work on projects and explore new ideas.

    Every day is different and I love that I get to interact with a variety of people, spot their potential and help them grow in their role."

  • Luke - US Head of Marketing

  • Mariam - Supervisor
    Mariam - Supervisor

    "I joined Charles Tyrwhitt (CT) through The Prince’s Trust. Having no previous retail experience I believe I gained this opportunity because of my passion for retail fashion and my enthusiasm to deliver great customer service. I wanted to work for CT because of what they stand for, a work culture that is positive, encouraging and motivating. Whist I didn’t quite have previous experience my transferrable skills were recognised, something that was quite refreshing to see from a reputable company.

    I started my journey as a Sales Assistant in the Canary Wharf branch. Since joining the company I have had a fruitful journey. Initially I worked 12hours a week, after I became employee of the month within four months of joining, I was promoted to a 24hour contract. I’m always thinking one step ahead, with progression in mind I was driven to work hard to obtain a 40 hour contract. This is just one of the things I love about working here, hard work is recognised and my senior colleagues are always keen to develop me. 

    It's difficult to summarise the benefits of working here because the list is endless; great people, a great working environment and the support you need to progress if you are willing to put in the effort. I’ve been featured twice on CT's LinkedIn page, whilst some might say this is a benefit for the company, I see it as recognition of my contribution to CT so far. Something that I wish to continue doing, being the best Sales Assistant possible through giving our customers a great shopping experience, whilst being able to assist others who may sometimes need that little extra help.

    After obtaining a 40 hour contract, within just two months I was recommended for a Key Holder role which I thought would be impossible to get as I didn’t have managerial experience. However, the support I got from the Recruitment Specialist and various managers was my boost to go ahead, apply, and get the position. I'm now in my new role and I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it, I have learnt about the business, and myself. I am more capable than I thought I was, all because of the support and development I have received from my current and previous management team. I couldn’t be more grateful.

    Next push for a Supervisor role, I believe I can achieve it here and I will."

  • Tania - Distribution Centre

  • Dawn - Head of Buying
    Dawn - Head of Buying

    "I came to CT over 8 years ago as the formal shirt buyer to cover a six month maternity contract…and haven’t looked back.

    Fast forward 98 months, fifteen seasons, a few additional product categories and more range reviews than I care to count, my role as Head of Buying keeps me on my toes.

    CT is an energetic, dynamic place to work – there’s an incredibly positive “can do” culture, with a great bunch of people who are always challenging themselves to raise the bar. It’s this energy and focus on continued growth that drives the business forward and motivates us all.    

    I love the complexities of the brand – operating across multi channels, and in multi territories. Compared to the retail dominant businesses I have worked in previously, this brings many new dimensions to the buying role; adapting product selection and buys to our growing international markets, working with the marketing, web and email teams, as well as UK and US store teams. It’s a hugely diverse role.

    While CT is a fast growing business it’s true to say the impact of every person here can make a huge difference.  #lifeatCT"

  • Remi - US HR Team

  • Saeed - US Retail Supervisor

  • Francois - Store Manager (Paris)
    Francois - Store Manager (Paris)

    ​"My fabulous adventure started at the end of 2000 when, through a little advert in the French Newspaper “Le Figaro”, an exciting opportunity to open the first CT shop outside the UK was proposed.

    After a wonderful telephone interview with the recruiter, the time had come to meet one of the management. His name? Monsieur Mark Higgins.

    First a rendez-vous in Paris and immediately I felt that there was good connection between myself and Mark. He felt that I was ready to face this incredible challenge after my 11 years with Disney.

    Next step was to meet the King of the Kings, Monsieur Nick Wheeler and his charismatic associate Monsieur Peter Higgins.

    They could see my desire to be the Ambassador of the Brand as I could not think of anything else two weeks before my first day. After spending 4 weeks training in Bicester (in the middle of nowhere) in January 2001 (Bicester opened in August 2000). I was so excited and could not wait to open my shop.

    Charles Tyrwhitt Paris opened on the 9thof February 2001. Together with Michaela and Jean-Michel who joined me from Disney and who are still with me after nearly 18 years.

    Trade was not as successful as we hoped as we were facing a “ghost shopping village”. There were no tourists, no big popular brands and no curiosity from the French Customers.
    Welcome to France!

    It was tough; we were losing money for the first 6 years. Each year at the Retail Conference, Peter would ask me “When are you making Money François?”  “We will Peter, we will” I just knew that the people would come to love us and, with my shopkeeper mind, if the Customers’ didn’t come to me then I would go to the customer.
    Suddenly sales started to pick up. We developed the business by meeting potential clients, in the break rooms of banks in Paris and in some big companies such as Air France, Honda etc.

    I knew we had potential as we had the Best Shirt at the Best Value. I attended some conferences of The Chairman’s Association and over time, developed a strong and loyal customer base.

    I have enjoyed a really rich working experience by being the Ambassador of the Brand; I introduced France’s ex-Prime Minister Mr Cazeneuve to CT. He just loved us and was exclusively dressed by us during his premiership.

    Nearly after 18 years my passion for my role and the product is still as strong as it was from my first day. So many shirts have been sold since this time and we have enjoyed amazing growth of +400%.

    This passion and energy continues to be fuelled by our founder Nick who gave to me his trust and enough time to prove that Charles Tyrwhitt Paris is a diamond ready to grow and shine forever in France!"

  • Robyn - Merchandising Admin Assistant